Company Profile

Having completed 13 years of service in its expertise now, BMBSOFT has been chosen as the Consultant Company in “Healthcare Solutions and Technologies” by TUBITAK among 158 other companies in Healthcare Solutions Industry in 2013.

Consisting of BMBSOFT and Alya Bilişim in Turkey and BMBSOFT Tech in Europe, our company develops high end software solutions and projects with over 50 personnel, every year. Having spent its time developing HIS and Municipality Software Solutions until 2003 and large scale Hospital IS solutions after that, BMBSOFT has served many doctors and institutes. With our dynamic and effective team, we aim to use our experience of many years to provide the most effective and useful solutions in our industry. BMBSOFT has sent its first project developed to VeriTest for data security and has passed the test with success. With its strong technical infrastructure, we push the limits of the software standards with our solutions.

We continue R&D projects in Ankara Universitiy Technology Development Area.
Since 2005, we are ranked in the first 500 Software Companies, consisting of leader companies.

          Restructured in 2003, BMBSOFT is one of the leading companies in Turkey, in its filed of expertise. We continue our work and investments to take our place in Europe’s Software Market. The success we make in our project brings us closer to you everyday. Our company, targeting more people and larger markets, gets closer to its goals everyday. Our project, with its focus on geographic statistics of Health Care data and the interactions related to this data, providing a support system for future Health Care policies, has been backed in Europe. After the support, BMBSOFT has started its Europe branch.