• Decision Support and Efficiency Analysis System(DSEAS)
  • DSEAS Advantages and Benefits
  • Observe your Hospital Online with DSEAS
BMBSOFT, having served proudly in the Healthcare Informatics Industry for over 10 years, aims to fully utilize its experience in Decision Support Systems, bringing a fresh product to the market.

Our web based software, is a visual and graphical reporting tool utilizing XML services, managing the data taken from different hospitals’ HIS software within the province and presenting it in a way that can be used by managers and directors. It works online with the data it takes from independent databases with defined periods.

Our software is able to connect to HIS systems of all hospitals with KHB, over IIS services. It does not perform CRUD operations on the connected databases. It does not need a central independent database. If needed, software can import the data your database and enter supplementary data. Software works integrated between other systems.

Users can access the software through any web browser, in accordance with their level of access. Just with the push of a button, user can view the connected hospital’s provisions under the minimal levels or critically low stocks and the details on every main and sub warehouses. Aside from that, requests can be made and also, it provides the much needed coordination between hospitals. Query results can be exported to Excel, PDF, Word etc.. formats. Software provides statistics regarding the previous yearly purchase averages, monthly , bimonthly consumption amount and total etc.. In the queries, you can use groupings like healthcare institute, budget type, stock status etc.. You can also display the incoming request’s warehouse and budget data.
  • See the intensity of disease in a certain region or hospital, what medications and medical devices are being used more often and make the correct plan. While stopping the waste of resources, it helps the products needed to be used in the correct place.
  • In order to analyze the data on hand(Data Mining) you would need many ERP and CRM programs and the necessary workforce. We, to prevent that, present you our solution which will help you analyze and make assessments easily.
  • You can see the monthly, yearly bills and income details , and the distribution of people having operations or being examined in out-patient clinics. You can generate cases like these ones or much more.
  • You have the opportunity of comparing hospitals by taking data according to years.
  • Access system anywhere with authorization control and different access levels.
  • You can have graphical presentation of your data and parameters, access the details of any data.
  • You can access al the personnel entity, vacation, sick report, temporary assignment data, within the union.
  • The software can also work with touch smart PCs and smartphones.
  • Quickly create fast and practical queries.
  • You can search your hospital’s doctors according to their branch, see the daily or monthly reports of service and redirect doctors so they can be where they are needed the most.
  • Our software helps you make medium to long range strategic planning for the future.
  • You can compare the amount of specific services given with your other hospitals, analyze the region based on common diseases, make precise plans for the future.
  • You can make queries about the most common diagnoses or prescriptions, have precaution plans province wide.
  • Our software helps you observe the cesarean section or normal birth services given, compare with previous years.