• What is Temperature Tracking System?
  • Temperature Tracking System Working Principle
Since when the vaccines are exposed to lower or higher than recommended temperatures, the active substances may lose effectiveness or even spoil, they need to be checked constantly. If the vaccines are not potent or even spoiled, the results can be deadly in some cases.

Our system constantly tracks and reports the temperature tracking devices put inside the cold storage or fridges. In any unexpected change of temperature, the responsible personnel are notified via emails and SMS, in order to prevent the vaccine from being spoiled. The system’s effectiveness is calibrated by international institutes and the results are documented.
  • TTS tracks the vaccine cabinets for 24 hours and notifies the responsible via SMS or emails.
  • All you need is a PC that can work for 24 hours and internet connection.…
  • To keep the system up at all times, in areas with generators an uninterrupted power supply can be installed.
  • The SMS costs will be provided by our company during the warranty.
  • System mechanism is triggered by two things:
    • 1. Changes exceeding the defined temperature range
    • 2. Blackouts or lost internet connection.
  • From any location with internet, you can observe and get reports on the cabinet’s condition.