• What is Provincial Health Information System?
  • Benefits
PHIS is a software integrated to Ministry of Health, performing operations digitally within directorate’s departments.

System keeps all the data transactions with the Ministry of Health and its own operations made.

Our product is developed to increase the operational efficiency of directorates, keeping the continuity and momentum, providing the related institutes with the precise and recent data.

Aside from the administrative aspect, our product can also track the personnel entity, supplementary payment, payroll, document recording, purchasing and statistics.

Our software also provides daily or monthly reports and synopsis regarding the 112 Ambulance services and directorates.
  • Provides the infrastructure for analysis and a different, broader point of view for the managers to evaluate the data.
  • Since it is developed for the provincial healthcare directorates, it is easy to understand and use.
  • Minimizes the required time and staff with the precise and consistent data.
  • Allows the billing of the ambulance services by the directorate to the related institutes.
  • Version changes are completed in a few seconds by the users connected to the system.