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  • Our Vision
  • Our Mission
  • Our Values
  • Our Human Resources Policy
Today, it is rather impossible to think hospitals serving effectively without the proper software solution. With the most recent software architecture and many years of experience, our software solutions let people do their work regardless of their location, without hours of paperwork. Presenting trusted services, controlling the personnel’s workflow effectively is possible with our solutions, backed by experience and strong support network.
Providing extensive software solutions in many fields of Healthcare Industry, creating solutions for future’s problems with R&D work.
Providing trusted software solutions for HealthCare Institutes both in the international software market and within Turkey’s borders.
  • Paralleling to the latest technology, constantly evolving and changing.

  • Being expert in our field with our ever expanding team of experienced developers.

  • Providing best possible customer satisfaction in our service policy.

  • Having a vision to systematically reach our goals and meet expectations.

  • Providing more effectiveness with our software solutions in HealthCare Industry, leading innovation.

  • Providing our expertise and experience in the industry as the Consultant Company, making turn-key projects.
  • We work with individuals who can say ‘we’ instead of ‘me’.

  • We care about our employees’ ideas, seeing them as the key to our success, make all investments for them to improve themselves.

  • We work with the people who can make a change and realize it, embracing the BMBSOFT culture.

  • In order to reach our goals, we act as a team, enriching our employees.

  • We provide modern standards with our facilities.

  • We believe the most valuable investment is the one made to the people.