• What is Community HealthCare Information System ?
  • Differences and Advantages
  • Benefits
  • Program Modules
  • Workflow
In today’s world, rapid population growth, migrations and population’s movements have made it difficult to perform the operations related to institutes and the people. To answer this need, providing consistent and precise data is an absolute necessity in our time.

Community HealthCare IS is an integrated system that contains operations of Provincial Directorate of Health departments, hospitals and family practitioners, controlling the data transition between these entities, focused on community health.

System, includes all operations related to family practitioners and the data communication with the Ministry of Health.

This product is developed to increase the management power of Provincial Directorates of Health, keep the data consistency, and presenting precise and up to date data to the related entities.

BMBSOFT Community HealthCare Information System;
  • While providing management interface for the Provincial Directorates, system tracks the personnel entity, payroll, supplementary payment, document record, public health, environmental health, water samples, purchases, directorate and family practitioner stock data.
  • System works integrated with; contagious disease centers, maternal and infant health, tuberculosis control dispensary, community health centers, directorate owned labs and other hospitals.
  • Performs all the family practitioner functions over the same central database.
  • Asks for the required minimum set of data, sending it to Ministry of Health.
  • Keeps all the required family practitioner data and reports at the directorate center electronically, to present to the directors and managers.
  • Tracks the pregnancy detection, termination, infant observations, puerperant observations, infant vaccinations, FKU operations data with web program modules over all the hospitals in the province.
  • Provides data transition via XML services with all the Hospitals serving within the province.
  • Electronically makes the requests for the community health central labs and family practitioner labs. Lab operations are made over the BMBSOFT family practitioner system, both with a web based program module and XML services, providing the users with options.
  • Daily or monthly reports and synopsizes from the directorates and community health centers.
  • Works with all internationally known databases(Oracle, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2). System is completely online and dynamic.
  • Gives the means to access data and the cases instantaneously.
  • Provides efficiency and effectiveness to work flow and the whole process.
  • With the usage of CHIS and BmbGIS, you can access any data you missed from tables or the verbal reports, over the geography.
  • Makes the processes systematic and standardizes the work flow.
  • Works integrated with different technological devices.
  • The user interface is simple, easily adaptable, easy to learn.
  • Increases the integration and communication within the institute and between institutes.
  • Provides an option to query from one central database.
  • Takes the initiative on community problems.
  • Provides social and technological effects.
  • Provides useful data for public use, universities, hospitals and family practitioners.
  • Provides an analysis infrastructure, with a new point of view, gives the managers the means to interpret data.
  • Since it is developed for use by the Provincial Directorates work flow, it is easy to use and understand.
  • Vaccines made by the practitioner or in the hospital and their tracking can be recorded online to the infant’s family practitioner, Thus, practitioner will not need to re-enter the data to the system.
  • Gives access to history, allergies, chronic diseases and family history of the patients who get first step healthcare service within the province.
  • Allows the dentists make daily polyclinic examination operations in the Community Health Centers.
  • Provides the electronic billing of the dental services by the Directorate, to the related entities.
  • Doctors can get the given dental services made from CHC clinics as Form 58.
  • Provides the ability to electronically track all the processes in the pregnancy detection, starting from the hospital, ending at the Community Healthcare Center, decreasing work load of AÇ-SAP of the Directorate, supporting a better workflow.
  • Lets the Family practitioners check the infant records belonging to their clinic, whether they are registered the National Population database or not.
  • The training office can get the report synopsis at the end of the month, once the community centers training data consisting of contents and numbers are entered.
  • System provides savings from time and personnel, with the precision and consistency of data.
  • System performs KETEM, Tuberculosis control, cancer control, contagious disease, chronic disease and home healthcare services electronically over CHIS.
  • Application to Home Healthcare service and denial operations are made over the Web.
  • The data regarding the childbirth and pregnancy detection taken over the web from hospitals are e-mailed to practitioners.
  • Version changes are completed in a few seconds, by hundreds of clients connected.
  • By tracking the Community Health Center labs and water samples, results can be accessed quickly.
  • The water samples of drinking water, sea and pools, reports and lab results can easily forwarded to third parties over web.
  • With the XML architecture services, system forwards the data it takes from the hospitals to the Community and Family Practitioner Health Services.
  • Stock operations; management center depot, CHC warehouses, FHC warehouses, family practitioner’s medication, vaccine and fixture stock exit operations etc.. are hierarchically tracked.
  • The hearing tests for the infants born in Maternity and Children Hospital, can be sent and received from the Directorates in the wanted format via XML services.
  • System can make judicial examinations for FHC and can get report prints.
  • Tuberculosis control dispensary operations can also be made over the system with stock tracking.
  • Laboratory Information System

    This system provides an integration for the family practitioners using lab services and the medical devices tracking this data with barcodes.
    System provides tube labeling, sample records, device integration, test results, patient test reports, lab statistics and many other operations.

    Practitioners can track the lab results over the system, comparing older results.

  • Material and Medication Tracking System

    System can track the medication given to and taken from Community Health Centers, medication purchase, expense notifications. System works integrated with the Ministry of Health’s MKYS system.

  • Billing System

    It generates the required reports and bills the given services given by the Community Health Directorate (Lab, Radiology, Dental Clinic and operations, water sample analysis

    With this system's integration, directorates usually get a 15% to 40% percent increase in revenue

  • Community Health Information System

    Performs normal patient registration and polyclinic services. Also bills the dental services given by Community Health Directorate monthly.

  • Training Services System

    Records the training given to the personnel working under the Directorate, with data consisting of date, topic, location, management, quality of the trainers, number, personnel job and session count. Provides easy access to this data and generates reports.

  • Environment And Water Analysis Information System

    System provides entry for the water samples taken from specified points, chemical and bacterial test analysis, tracking of said results, analysis reports and accrues taken from the billing system.

  • Other Modules
    • Performance Objection Tracking
    • Maternal and Infant Health and Family Planning Information System
    • Tuberculosis Control Dispensary
    • Contagious Disease Reporting System
    • Cancer Control Unit (KETEM)
    • One Layout Accounting and Finances
    • Workplace Practitioner System
    • Home Healthcare Services
    • Announcement and Internal Messaging System
    • Personnel Entity Operations
    • Supplementary Payment Operations
    • Civil Servant Payroll Operations
    • Incoming-Outgoing Document Recording System