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The fast paced Informatics Industry has carried Healthcare technologies to a new age. The interaction between healthcare and technology, has peaked the transition and usage of medical data between patients, doctors and healthcare institutes.

With the integration of technological advances to the healthcare informatics , the data transport between healthcare institutes has become quite safe, fast and efficient.

Hospital Information System(HIS) is a smart product, used to increase the quality of healthcare services and ensure the safe and efficient transport of data between and within the healthcare institutes, patients and doctors.
These systems provide an extensive, multi-directional support for diagnosis, treatment and observation services. They help patients make smarter choices and also give better results in the quality check of the medical data on the internet.

Providing precise and correct data has been an absolute necessity for today’s world. With our HIS, using any access point and proper authorization, one can reach the patient’s history and data.

Our extensive HIS product, providing the transition of data between multiple software, institutes and departments, is using the world standard “Health Level 7” technology.

As BMBSOFT we provide integrated HIS, Radiological İmaging Archive Systems, Decision Support Systems, Digital Documentation Management System and many other products, all integrated with our HIS software.

Our HIS works integrated with Medula, Saglik.Net, MKYS, 112 Emergency, Lab, Radiology, Appointment, ITS, TIG and other subsystems. System, can work online connected to one master database for hospitals or institutes with more than one hospitals or departments, while it also produces independent, consolidated data. The modern times push hospitals to be more economically efficient and provide faster solutions. HIS have become an essential part of decreasing the expenses.

In BMBSOFT HIS, doctors, nurses, finance specialists, managers and scientific institutes can access to the system on different access levels, reaching the much needed data instantaneously.

With our HIS products, which passed the International VeriTest inspection, we provide the highest level of product efficiency.
  • Quick access to past examination data of patients.
  • Integrated workflow with LIS and RIS devices.
  • Independent from Network OS layer or DBMS OS layer.
  • Consistent Data.
  • HTML, PDF, EXCEL and MS Word reportable data.
  • Online billing and accounting operations.
  • Integrated to payroll and supplementary payment systems.
  • Version updates are online, easy and fast.
  • Automatic revision on DBMS version change.
  • Online Messaging within system.
  • Automatic removal of the supplies wanted for a test.
  • According to institute type, making the SGK Medula trackings online.
  • Multiple retrospective trackings.
  • Creating unlimited test, pricing tariff and period.
  • View stock status with one button.
  • Dynamic query in diagnosis and prescription selection
  • Bookmarked diagnosis section for doctors.
  • Online assigning of cases mandatory to report at Form 014.
  • Data transaction with other institutes over XML web services.
  • Automatic recording of every operation to logs.
Our main goal ; auditing the financial structure, increase revenue, providing support to end user services, creating managerial results and data for managers when needed.

In referrals or emergency cases arriving with an ambulance, systems talking to each other, the data that can be gathered before patient arrives will let doctors or nurses make preparations therefore making serious time before the patient arrives.

To reach out to the better, the healthy way of informatics...
Sending Sağlık.net, 112 Emergency Service Integration, MKYS, MHRS and Performance data without problems.

The system allows mobile systems or smartphones to access the patient clinics operations prescription trackings, Lab Results, Radiology Results data and also make new records or edit the existing ones.

Clinical(Service) Operations can be done 3 different ways with BMBSOFT HIS
Doctor Handheld Terminals Nurse Operations in Service Desk From Patient Registration and the Billing Department

Access the patient data with Tablet PC’s…
Access to patient and details anywhere you need. Doctor can access his/her clinic, seeing the inpatient number in his ward/clinic, patient bed and room details.

Reservation option to reserve the clinic room for the patient.

With the Ministry of Health regulation tracking, HIS program can quickly adapt to changes in law, saving the institute time and bolster prestige.
Sending Sağlık.net, 112 Emergency Service Integration, MKYS, MHRS and Performance data without problems.
Providing precise management performance data calculation.
A sample monthly revenue of a hospital working with us
With its tested infrastructure, minimizes the revenue losses in bills, thus maximizing the profits.
Providing your hospital with the experiences and results from the Research and Education Hospitals.
Providing employee satisfaction with all our features.
Patient findings entry, in near future…
Complaints; Doctor can process all the findings data by choosing the affected organ and subsystems.
Why visualization? ; Analyzing the data easily, without reading, choosing the affected systems, minimizing the text entry, saving time.
Benefits; The statistics reports, tests, illnesses data will be connected and a more objective database about illnesses. Provides a detailed analysis about illnesses.