• What is Document Management System?
  • Benefits
  • Differences
With the modern times, the traditional office structures gave way to “Paperless” or rather “Digital” offices.

According to studies in this field, usage of emails and new technologies have reduced the paper usage by %40.

Digital offices therefore make the workflow easier.

The BMBSOFT Document Management System is a document focused software, letting companies define and perform their workflow processes as a whole in digital environment.
The software stores the documents keeping the structures with the data fields, data types, contents and page layouts. These fields allow manipulation, querying, searching, and integration with another software (ERP etc..).

With this approach, differing from many other document management systems, we see the documents as an activity definition in the workflow processes.

Our software has a wide variety of data types. On the forms basic data types like numeric, character, date and time, logical, selection; specialized data types like rich texts, file attachments, work objects for ERP integration, assignments; complex data like tables can be easily stored.

With its elastic structure and on point solutions to the company requirements, we present the following services;

  • Document Management
  • Document Tracking System
  • Workflow Management
  • Document Management is designed for the purpose of definition, archiving and querying of any structured(electronic forms) or unstructured(scanned) documents.
  • Document Tracking System consists of archival, querying and tracking of any documents transferred between companies and between individuals.
  • While contemplating for classical business operations like approval, publication, money transfer with the “document lifespan” and “document tracking system” functions, it allows companies to model other dynamic business processes with the Workflow Management System.