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Our clients can login to our support website, getting updates and answers to their problems easily.
With the online support capabilities, all requests can be answered 7/24 in a reliable and efficient way

Software updates and changes made are included within our website.
  Service Level Deals Standard Advanced Premium
Tech Support Tech Support Time Frame Monday - Friday
Morning : 09:00
Evening : 16:00
Monday - Friday
Morning : 08:00
Evening : 18:00
7 x 24 x 365
Request Time Frame 2 Business Days 1 Business Day 4 Hours
Help Remote Remote Remote or on field by BMBSOFT or a BMBSOFT partner
Current Training Yes Yes Yes
Expert Counselling Yes Yes Yes
Discount for Secondary Services User Support Yes Yes Yes
Distrubition and Maintenance Yes Yes Yes
Access to Technical Documents Yes Yes Yes
On-Line Hızlı Servis Topic Tracking Yes Yes Yes
Change Request Yes Yes Yes
sadas Hasan UYSAL 0536 471 37 74
sadas Gökhan KÜÇÜK 0555 800 02 11
sadas Ayhan BURUK General Coordinator 0530 478 15 62