• What is Geographical Information System ?
  • Benefits
  • Advantages
  • Specifications
  • Workflow and Screenshots
  • Areas It Can Be Used in

  • Ability to use the existing data effectively,

  • Generating new data and results from the data,

  • Perceiving the points missed before, disposing of oversight,

  • Providing decision support with easy analysis tools,

  • Increased precision,

  • Stopping unnecessary spending and investments,

  • Speeding up the process of planning and reaching a solution,

  • Providing a sight of common points in different products and businesses with different features,

  • Supporting the process binding between what seems like unrelated data,

  • Providing a bird’s eye view of efficient and inefficient businesses, how the portfolios are forming

  • Overlaps different databases and queries, lets you compare with different colors,

BMBGis, accesses data from ERP, CRM, Healthcare, Municipalities, Security, in short all the IS software and lets you analyze the data with custom made templates, reports providing a bird’s eye view for better decision making and assessments..

You can query all the data related to any specified location, overlap all the existing data from many different databases on the map.

With the system’s integrated architecture, you can see common areas or data from across a variety of departments all having very different operational processes or needs.
An architecture so well integrated, in the future, will bring yield extraordinary efficiency and savings. With our software, systems working disconnected will be history, sale, accounting, finances, human resources, production, warehouse and stock data will be analyzed with our integrated BMBGis software over satellite images, thus providing full integration across all departments and systems.

Our BMBGis software, covers all aspects of your business, provide a solid integrity.

What is the distinction that separates the BMBGis from other software on the market?

BMBGis is able to perform under all internationally known databases(Oracle, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2) while many other applications work under static software like Excel or Access. BMBGis has a dynamic, online structure. Also, since it uses imaging technology from providers like Google Earth, Google Maps, Microsoft Bing, cost it significantly lower. BMBGis also supports multiple languages. On Within our software, user can create as many templates as needed, getting many dynamic results. The other system’s query templates are static and does not allow customization while we do the opposite.

Does BMBGis Interface work only with ERP and CRM software or can it display data it collects from any database (DB2, MSSQL, Oracle) over a geographical area?

While our system can work under all ERP and CRM programs with address data, it can also work with many different software developed for HIS, Municipality IS, Security Systems, Financing and Banking Systems, Industrial Production, Chemical Industry, Textile Industry and Real Estate agencies. If needed, all distinct data from across these industries can be converted to XML services via templates created over the BMBGis and presented with satellite imagery. Not depending on a particular database and making queries across so many of them, gives the users easy access.

How are BMBGis Interface workflows prepared? Can work flows be reapplied?
Since it is not possible to determine the application our software will run over, for each work, queries must be prepared and saved with their name. Templates for HIS, Gas Stations and haircutters etc.. are kept in the system as samples. For each application, query designs can be easily made with proper authorization.

Can the BMBGis Interface’s results be shown with graphics? Can I export the data to print or email?
The results can be displayed with graphics, making it easier to analyze and assess the current cases, you can also print or email the data.

What is the system’s developed language, which databases does it use?
It is developed in ASP.NET platform with Java and C# languages, and is independent from the database.

Does the software work with every version of Windows, Linux OS or VMWare?
Since the software is web based, it works on every Windows OS provided it has ISS. Database OS is not specific. What’s important here is that the software is Windows OS based.

Is it necessary to buy licensed satellite imagery for the system to work?
It is not necessary to buy licensed satellite imagery for system to work. System can use the freely provided public images from Google Earth, Maps, Microsoft Bing. Also it does not need a purchased satellite image base plate.
  • Provides quick access to data and cases, helping you create solutions faster. Minimizes risks.
  • Makes the work and the processes more efficient and active.
  • With your predetermined query templates, our software can bring you the most recent data from your databases and precisely present the data graphically.
  • You can reach any data you have missed either from the verbal reports or tables.
  • You can observe your business over the geography easily.
  • <
  • Daily work production is easy, makes the processes systematic and standardizes them.
  • Easy to integrate, works integrated with different devices.
  • The user interface is simple, easy to learn yet produces instant results.
  • Provides rapid and safe access to the information, and analysis support.
  • Lowers the error margin and risks in an environment where human life is valuable.
  • The usage of data from different centers will not result in data loss.
  • Can filter according to query types, chronologically.
  • Provides as many filters and variations as wanted.
  • You can see the geographic-regional causes and effects on your business’ background.
  • Helps you design new investment projects before hitting the field.
  • Increases integration and communication within the business and between businesses.
  • Provides industrial independency.
  • Provides multi-user support.
  • Provides the ability to query one central database.
  • Provides dynamic analysis.
  • Web based architecture
  • Works under all Windows OS versions
  • Provides ability to query your info over Google Earth, Google Maps and Microsoft Bing.
  • If needed, system can work on the licensed real-time satellite imagery.
  • Multi Language Support.
  • Can connect and work with all databases that can be accessed by software like ERP, CRM.
  • Works under all DBMS software(Oracle, MSSQL Server, IBM DB2).
  • Environmental and Civic Planning,
  • Healthcare Services and Healthcare Systems Management,
  • Retail Production and Distribution Industry,
  • Natural Resources Management,
  • Public Works and Development Services,
  • Educational Services,
  • National and Local Authorities,
  • Transportation Planning,
  • Tourism,
  • Maintenance-Repairs,
  • Commerce and Industry,
  • Security, Defense, Public Security,
  • Meteorology,
  • Real Estate Services,
  • Market Research,
  • Architecture and Engineering,
  • Production Industry,
  • Telecommunication,
  • Suitable Area and Location Selection,
  • Mukhtar Information System,
  • Tax Tracking,
  • Banking Industry.